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The Onder Law Firm Launches Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit Website

Attorneys handling Tylenol liver lawsuits on a national basis offer no-cost, no-obligation Tylenol liver damage and liver failure lawsuit consultation.

St. Louis, MO March 21, 2012

The Onder Law Firm is offering a free Tylenol liver lawsuit case evaluation to persons whom have suffered from acute liver failure or severe liver damage after taking Tylenol or another acetaminophen based pain reliever. Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol products and other pain relievers is known to cause liver damage and, in some cases, acute liver failure.   An acetaminophen research studyconducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006 demonstrated that taking the maximum dose of Extra Strength Tylenol as directed by the instructions on the bottle placed the user at risk of liver damage, with liver enzymes indicating liver failure becoming present in over a third of the test subjects after just four days.  Despite a FDA Advisory Review Panel recommending that a warning for liver damage be added to the labels of Tylenol and other acetaminophen products in 1977; it wasn’t until five years after the University of North Carolina study that the FDA acted. In January of 2011, the FDA limited the acetaminophen contents of all prescription drugs to just 325mg per tablet. Extra Strength Tylenol still contains 500mg of acetaminophen per tablet, although the maker of Tylenol has lowered the maximum daily dosage from 4,000mg to 3,000mg. 

Tylenol products have been top-selling over-the-counter pain relief products for decades. Many of the millions of loyal Tylenol customers took the maximum recommended dosage of a product they believed to be unquestionably safe instead of using a stronger prescription pain reliever they felt would have detrimental side effects.  The Onder Law Firm is investigating claims of Tylenol liver failure and liver damage caused by other acetaminophen-based products. Persons having used Tylenol over an extended period of time and were diagnosed with liver damage or acute liver failure due to an acetaminophen overdose may be entitled to compensation. The Onder Law Firm will provide free case review to persons or families of persons having suffered liver damage or liver failure resulting from an acetaminophen overdose. The attorneys of The Onder Law Firm provide experienced legal representation without fee unless they collect for their clients.

The Onder Law Firm welcomes inquiries from law firms in regards to handling or working as co-counsel on Tylenol liver lawsuits.  

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