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In this day and age, there are few places we are truly safe. Our home should be one of them; it should be the ultimate place of nurturing and protection, a place where children can play without danger and families can relax together. Sadly, some of the products we buy to make our homes more comfortable actually cause harm. Household goods should be tested for safety, and safety standards must always take babies and children into consideration. Too often, companies discover product hazards only after people have been seriously injured, and many companies only issue product recalls if they stand to lose money on a dangerous product. Product recalls are a good place to start to learn about dangerous household products, but just because a product has not been recalled does not mean it is safe. The list of hazardous household products grows each week. Here you’ll find information about some of the most serious household product hazards and recalls.

Childrens Product Safety LawyersWindow Blinds

An estimated 1 billion window blinds are in circulation in the United States, and many of them pose serious threats to the safety of children. Millions of corded window blinds and other window coverings have been recalled due to strangulation hazards, but one child still dies every two weeks in the United States in an accident related to dangerous window blind cords. In some cases, these accidents occur because many households continue to use dangerous corded window blinds and are unaware of the risk associated with them. But many parents are aware of the dangers associated with window blind cords, and go out of their way to buy new versions of window blinds that are marketed as safe, but which still lead to deadly accidents.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recorded nearly eight hundred deaths of young children by window blind cord strangulation since 1973. Despite the widespread acceptance of the dangers of corded window blinds, companies continue to sell dangerous products and children continue to suffer and die as a result. Corded window blinds cost less to produce than do cordless window coverings, and window blind companies continue to manufacture and sell corded products, despite the fact that strangulation remains a risk whenever cords are involved. Visit to learn about what window blinds have been recalled, how to keep children safe from window blind cord hazards, where to get information about windowblind safety lawsuits, and who to call to reach a window blind safety lawyer.