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Family Safety Attorney

Child and Family Safety Attorneys Specialize in Assisting Families Harmed by Consumer Products

Child and family safety attorneys fill a unique legal niche, representing clients whose family members have been harmed by a consumer, household or medical product. As a parent or head of a household, you aim to create a safe environment for your family within the confines of your own home. We know we cannot control the larger environment including our neighborhoods, schools, towns and cities, but we can create a safe zone at home. It's a great tragedy when a consumer product introduces a hazard or injury into a family or home. Our family safety attorneys specialize in representing clients in the following practice areas:

baby products safety attorneyDangerous Baby Product Lawsuits

Baby products, such as cribs, play yards, and baby monitors, are designed to assist caretakers in keeping a baby safe and comfortable during the earliest and most vulnerable stages of life. However, many baby products are actually dangerous, accounting for serious injuries and deaths to infants and toddlers each year. Read this section to learn what baby products have caused injuries, where to find safety information, and how to find a baby product safety attorney.

child product safety attorney

Dangerous Children's Product Lawsuits

Childhood is naturally a time of scraped knees and bruised elbows, but consumer products that cause serious harm to children are inexcusable. Toys and other items used by children must be designed to eliminate potential hazards. Choking, poisoning and fall hazards are three significant and recurrent problems with children's products. Read this section to learn about what children's products are harmful, where to read about product recalls, and how to find a child product safety attorney.

household product safety attorneyHousehold Products

Whether a product is designed specifically for young people or not, all household product designers should take families and children into consideration. Many household devices that cause harm or increase the risk of injury to children or other family members have been subject to product recall, but only after a number of people have been seriously harmed as a result. This section explains why dangerous products may not have been recalled, how to get help if someone in your family has been injured by a household product, and what to look for in a household product safety attorney.

medical device safety attorneyMedical Devices

When it comes to medical devices recommended and implanted by doctors, we tend to assume we are safe from potential risks. The truth is that as a long as a product remains profitable, medical device companies will continue to sell products they know have caused chronic, life changing and irreversible medical conditions. Federal regulations take years to catch up with dangerous products, and in many cases, harmful medical devices are only recalled when a critical mass of people file lawsuits. Read this section to learn about what medical devices have been deemed harmful, when recalls took place, where to file a complaint with the FDA, and how to find a medical device safety attorney.

Over the Counter Drugs

over the counter drug safety attorneyOver the counter drugs are inexpensive and widely available, and are generally believed to be harmless remedies for common complaints such as headache, mild pain, fever, the common cold, and allergies. However, many over the counter drugs that were once deemed safe have actually caused serious medical problems and even death. This includes over the counter drugs taken by babies, children, and adults. Some of these drugs have been recalled and others have not yet. This page explains where to find information about over the counter drug recalls, who has recalled which product, and when to involve an over the counter drug safety attorney.

prescription drug safety attorney Prescription Drugs

All too often, prescription drugs that treat one severe problem cause another. The horrible fact is that many drugs are approved for sale without adequate testing to determine their risks and side effects. Patients who have severe health problems trust in the advice of their doctor, only later to find that a prescribed drug has actually made them more sick or caused a life-threatening health problem. Problems with prescription drugs are often only detected as users report adverse effects, and only when a large number of people have reported a problem will a drug company consider a recall. Read this section to learn about some of the more harmful prescription drugs that impact American families today and to learn about where to find precsription drug safety attorneys.